Sonic Collective Gayageum WAV

Sonic Collective Gayageum WAV

The gayageum is a traditional plucked zither and is one of the most iconic Korean instruments. Often with 12 strings, but upwards of 25, it is an incredibly versatile string instrument. For this sample collection, Sonic Collective and Found Sound Nation teamed up with Kyungso Park, renowned gayageum performer, improviser and composer, to prepare a mix of rhythmic melodies and short gestures, drawing influences from “earth, metal, wood, and silk.” The samples included here were recorded in Kyungso’s studio apartment in Seoul, South Korea.

Kyungso’s work challenges those who see the nearly thousand year old gayageum as merely a ‘museum piece’, and seeks to redefine the Gayageum for the 21st century. The diversity of styles and melodies on this pack ranges from spaced-out, house-like rhythms to dazzling melodic runs and more.

Produced by Found Sound Nation

Edited and mixed by Chris Botta & Enayet Kabir

  • 77 one shots
  • 127 loops

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