Soul Surplus Origin (Compositions & Stems) WAV

By | February 25, 2022

Soul Surplus Origin (Compositions & Stems) WAV

Soul Surplus Origin (Compositions & Stems) WAV

If you’ve been rocking with us for some time now you know we rep the Greater Philadelphia/ Delaware Valley region! There’s a rich history of soul music here in the city, but our specific start as a team can be traced back to a small town home in the Port Richmond area of Philly. The “Origin” composition pack is an ode to this legacy journey we’ve embarked upon. This release consists of 10 melodic loops and over 50 individual stem loops of feel good music inspired by the timelessness of vintage 70’s soul. Everything from singing lead sounds, grooving rhythm guitar, smooth bass lines and warm electric pianos are at your disposal as you get a snapshot of where we’re from.

Hey guys it’s OJ. Been using AudioZ for about 5 years. Been wanting to give back to the community for a long time but haven’t had the money or the time. Now that I do have some money (I expect to have more very soon) I just want to share the content that I have.

Know that I do take requests but I’m not going to buy the pack if it’s too expensive or is just flat-out low quality. I am a fan of Soul Surplus, Origin Sound (especially their vocal packs), Splice, etc. I am open to trading if you’d like!

Also I do hope you enjoy the Udemy courses World Music 101, 102, etc. I did create those courses, but I don’t really mind them being posted here because I’ve used this site for years. It would be hypocritical to get angry about it, but I do hope you buy the other courses.


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