Soundfly RJD2 From Samples to Songs TUTORIAL

Soundfly RJD2 From Samples to Songs TUTORIAL

When he first hit the scene with his acclaimed 2002 album Deadringer, sampling artist and innovator RJD2 proved that it was possible to make infectious instrumental hip-hop beats for a wide audience without the need for a singer or MC. Since then, he’s taken on one creative challenge after another, from composing the TV theme music for Mad Men to collaborating with vocalists and rappers, and taking the art of sampling to new heights.

In this exclusive online course, you’ll learn from RJ himself how to write and arrange music drawing on the power of sampling records and a collage-based mindset. He will show you how he personally tackles new tracks with his trusty MPC, and he’ll open up sessions from some of his classic tracks to show how they were made. You’ll learn new approaches to sampling, songwriting, and arranging, and how to make instrumental beats that capture someone’s attention from start to finish. Along the way, RJ will share with you his wisdom, perspectives, and advice for fulfilling your creative dreams.

This course is for anyone interested in producing compelling instrumental music drawing from a sampling tradition — no previous experience or MPC required. Drop the needle and let’s get started!

Harness the power of sampling and arranging to create interesting ideas and transform them into full, engaging tracks.

Learn to Capture & Manipulate Samples
Learn how RJD2 finds, samples, and edits source material to create new song ideas.

Dive Into RJ’s Tracks
Watch RJ take apart some of his most well-known tracks and show how he made them.

Pick Up New Arranging Techniques
Learn how RJ develops the kernel of an idea into a full song.

Discover RJ’s Creative Process
Explore RJ’s influences, inspiration, and creative process as he constantly pushes himself in new ways.

RJD2’s music shows how you can make exciting art within radical constraints. In fact, that’s what so much of his process is based on. In this course we’ll explore those constraints and how they can help you create powerful new music. Watch the trailer to explore more!

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