Sounds In HD Chillstrumentals Drum Kit WAV

By | May 15, 2022

Sounds In HD Chillstrumentals Drum Kit

Sounds In HD Chillstrumentals Drum Kit WAV

Chillstrumentals is probably a phrase that has been used before but it was something created among friends. Chillstrumentals encapsulates the sound every producer is really looking for in their music. Simpy put: f*cking good 808 sounds, Kicks, Snares, Basses and smacking drums only an acoustic set, properly processed, can provide. There are plenty of these drum samples on the net but it is hard to make/find them with the quality of this kit.

We took SP 1200 processing power, Got in the Lab and Mixed Trap 808 Style with Hard Hitting Boom Bap Drums samples based off famous acoustic drum sets. We then set the drum frequencies to smack (specifically 100hz for kicks and 1500khz for snare smack).

Drum Kit Totals:

301 Samples, 808/Trap Drums, World Percussion and Acoustic Drums. All 24bit .wav samples. Royalty Free


  • Total: 154 Trap and 808 Drum Samples
  • Best Feature: Perfectly loop-able Trap 808 Basses, labeled with their Root Note
  • Claps n Snaps, Classic 808s with an SP1200 Splash, basic sfx, Hi Hats (open and closed), Kicks, Snares, and Tuned and Labeled Trap 808 Bass


  • Total: 35 Real World Percussion Samples
  • Best Feature: Shaker Rattles and Rolls for Transitions
  • Pitched, tuned, processed and warm. This percussion is a nice set to mix up in your music with a vintage, thick, raw analog sound!


  • Total: 112 SP 1200 processed drums
  • Best Feature: At the risk of sounding pompous, the whole folder!

I first got the idea for this while trying to create rough sounding kits for a big client. I ran Acoustic Drums through SP 1200 emulation and did the Sounds in HD magic to bring out the smack in them. This contains Bass Drums, Snares, Hats, Snare Rolls, Loops, Claps, Kick and Snare Layers, and Tom Drums.

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Demo Preview:

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