Soundtrack Loops Funk Drums WAV

Soundtrack Loops Funk Drums WAV

Soundtrack Loops presents Funk Drum Loops. This is an essential Funk drum collection for those funk-a-delic producers who seek punchy loops for a solid backbone in their tracks.

This pack contains acoustic drum rhythms with lots fills and changes to help you complete that funky tune.

Our live professionally recorded drums are edited to work perfectly in any DAW on beat and on tempo so timing is never an issue. Sample these mixed beats and flip them as you wish! Tempos range from 65-140 BPM. 16 bit 44.1kHz stereo mixed files.

Pack Contents:

  • 183 Funk Drum Loops
  • 65 – 145 BPMs
  • 16 bit 44.1 Stereo Files
  • Works in all DAWS | Universal .WAV |

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