Soundtrack Loops Galaxy Gunslinger II – Sci-Fi Adventure WAV

By | September 21, 2021

Soundtrack Loops Galaxy Gunslinger II – Sci-Fi Adventure WAV

Soundtrack Loops Galaxy Gunslinger II – Sci-Fi Adventure WAV

Soundtrack Loops presents Galaxy Gunslinger II – Sci-Fi Adventure. Just as the smoke clears around the release of producer Belibat’s Galaxy Gunslinger retro-cinematic sci-fi loop drop, along comes its sequel, Galaxy Gunslinger II: Sci-Fi Adventure. While more subdued, pensive, and exotic than its predecessor, this second offering brings the same dramatic feels and big-screen gestures.

Here, Belibat is going for nuance, separation of elements, and precise control over tension cues. Symphonic elements and vintage synth sounds come packed in folders for drums (symphonic and tribal), horns (French, trombone, trumpet), keys (sound-designed piano), strings (acoustic, full section), synths (atmospheric) and woodwinds (bassoon, clarinet, flute) for a total of 83 loops; an accompanying one shots folder contains eleven deeply textured impact sounds to accent your tracks.

One hallmark of this collection is a simplicity that lends itself to increased flexibility; the music is rolled out in discrete, simple phrases that can work in countless ways. Point being, this collection will play well with others, so keep it handy and get eclectic with it! Where the first volume of Galaxy Gunslinger delivers big drama, Galaxy Gunslinger II: Sci-Fi Adventure takes a more understated stance, but without sacrificing either genuine drama or real tension, making it yet another Soundtrack Loops essential—well played, Belibat!

As standard practice for all loops created by the Soundtrack Loops team, Key and BPM are tagged in both metadata and file names.

Features: 83 Royalty Free Star Wars the Mandalorian inspired Loops | 11 One-Shots

Zipped Contents (353 MB)

83 Loops
11 One-Shots
83 + 100 BPM
Key of D
24 bit 48k Stereo Files
Works in all DAWS


Demo Preview:

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