Soundtrack Loops Slap House WAV

By | September 26, 2022

Soundtrack Loops Slap House WAV

Soundtrack Loops Slap House WAV

Soundtrack Loops intros Slap House loops and one-shots.. Slap House is an EDM construction kit loaded with smooth progressions laced with Dusseldorf school arpeggios, jazz-flavored float house motifs, Japanese electronica-shaded feels, good ol’ classic happy techno vibes and more. The included 177 loops and 290 one shots are dialed in at 125 BPM and comprise drums stratified by instrument (a folder full of mixed beat loops is also included), and separate folders full of arpeggios, bass figures, chord progressions and synth samples. Bouncy and transparent, the sonics on Slap House never become suffocated or claustrophobic as you work; on the contrary—the sounds fall together easily and seamlessly into carefully pocketed spaces that allow the music to breathe easily and expand naturally as you build and thicken your arrangements. Using these sounds, you’ll be able to quickly assemble music with a very comfortable loudness level that shines with the kind of airy and wide-open dynamics we like to see coming off the timeline as a mixing baseline. Rest assured, with Melodic Slap House you’ll be able to push your mixes to suit any venue, and still enjoy real sonic transparency. Versatility, flexibility, and the perfect intensity at any level- Slap House delivers exactly what you’d expect from a top-tier electronic music construction kit.

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Soundtrack Loops is the collaboration between two entrepreneurs/producers with over 30 combined years of experience in the royalty free sample industry. Matthew Yost, who founded Soundtrack Loops in 2006, and Jason Donnelly, founder of Peace Love Productions (2001), have joined forces to bring simplicity and expertise to the world of digital music. Meeting in 1998, the two first came together with audio positions at Sonic Foundry Inc. (Now Sony Creative Software). Both visionaries have since produced, formatted, created, and marketed hundreds of loop packs. Clients include some of the world’s largest loop companies, software DAWs and well known apps. Donnelly has over 10 releases on the Sony Creative Software label, as well as on Loopmasters, Acoustica, PreSonus, Loop Cartel, Soundtrack Loops, Peace Love Productions, Sound Trends, and iThirtySeven. Over the last decade, Matthew, also know as “Montra,” has released multiple sound libraries, instigated collaborations, and has been the face of Soundtrack Loops in many industry meetings. He is also a cornerstone of Soundtrack Loops’ design, development, marketing, and customer support. Jason and Matthew encompass 360 degrees of what the royalty free loop industry stands for and they continue to change the industry each and every day with their experience and expertise.

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