Andrew Huang’s Plastic Nature WAV

By | July 28, 2022

Andrew Huang's Plastic Nature

Andrew Huang’s Plastic Nature

“I just try to make noise with everything,” reads YouTuber and musician Andrew Huang’s bio page. The description couldn’t be more apt, as his YouTube channel, boasting 1.3 million subscribers, is full of videos creating instruments out of Lego blocks, rubber chickens, baby doll heads and every single synth, VST, and traditional instrument you can think of.

He’s racked over 170 million views on his platform to a fanbase of music-makers, hobbyists, and instrumentalists eager to peer into his creative process, where he deep dives into everything from learning synthesis, reviewing gear, songwriting methods, to creative challenges like making a song in under an hour or making a song with a muted DAW.

An accomplished singer-songwriter and sample pack creator in his own right, we’re thrilled to welcome Andrew Huang to Splice with a new sample pack. Be sure to check out his video demonstrating the pack here: Video




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