Strezov Sampling LIPP Piano

Strezov Sampling LIPP Piano v1.1 KONTAKT

Intimate, unique, huge dynamic range and dead easy to mix that’s our Lipp Piano. Recorded in Sofia Session Studio with 3 different mic positions, 4x Round Robins on each note and according to our sample philosophy far away from an overprocessed sound many of today’s piano libraries have, this 100 years old instrument will inspire you as it did all the pianists during the last century.

R.Lipp & Sohn. Technology, Craftsmanship and Performance since 1831

After months of research and our first piano sampling adventure “Belarus” we know what a modern piano library has to contain to be a useful tool in the arsenal of a modern media composer, which inspires and gets the job done quickly. Lipp is the final result and when you watch the walkthroughs you will realize that no words can praise this library more than its actual sound and beautiful GUI, which makes it easier than ever to get your piano parts into the mix. Featuring an intuitive dry/wet slider, which controls all mic positions at once as well as Stereo Spread and EQ functions, you won’t need any additional processing.


  •  Recorded 100 years old Concert Grand by Lipp & Sohn in Sofia Session Studio
  •  3 different mic positions (hall, stage, close) for maximum control over the sound
  •  Recorded Pedal Noise for additional realism
  •  5 dynamic layers (ff, f, mf, mp, p)
  •  4x Round Robins
  •  Intuitive dry/wet slider
  •  Stereo Spread function
  •  No compression
  •  No external processing


  •  Fixed bug where “Stage” mic controls the “Hall” samples
  •  gentle tuning on some notes to provide better performance