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G-Sonique EnveloPhase v1.0.0 VST [WIN]

By | January 11, 2022

G-Sonique EnveloPhase v1.0.0 VST [WIN] G-Sonique ENVELOPHASE is new guitar effect that combines an analog sounding modern phaser with an envelope follower. The amount and speed of the phasing effect is controlled by the envelope (volume level) follower – so the phasing effect is affected by your guitar playing. It is a very useful effect for various styles… Read More »

YC Audio Loop Box VST AU v1.0

By | August 29, 2020

YC Audio Loop Box VST AU v1.0 WIN & MacOSX YC Audio & Pyrit Music have teamed up to bring you ‘Loop Box VST’. This VST brings you 40 ready-made Loops with each one having 4 Instances available to use through the VST itself. These include dry, halftime, reverse and slice. You also have a full FX Suite… Read More »

Boom Library Cinematic Trailers Designed 2 WAV

By | October 29, 2019

Boom Library Cinematic Trailers Designed 2 WAV Size 1.17 Gb CINEMATIC TRAILERS DESIGNED 2 When is a sound only a sound and at what point does it become a real BOOM Library sound effect? The skill is to carefully design it in a way that transmits the effect of the sound to its listeners. Only then they will… Read More »

Boom Library Creatures – Designed WAV

By | May 14, 2019

Boom Library Creatures – Designed WAV Size 530 Mb CREATURE & MONSTER SOUND FX – PERFECT FOR YOUR GAME OR MOVIE Roaring dragons, grunting orcs, evil zombies, banshees, giant worms, aliens, tiny insects, you name it. Our CREATURES sound FX library comes packed with high-quality sound effects ready to breathe live in your undead or living creatures. PRE-DESIGNED… Read More »