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Morris & Warheart Kawaii Paradise WAV MIDI FXP

By | January 14, 2022

Morris & Warheart Kawaii Paradise WAV MIDI FXP The Kawaii Paradise Sound Kit [FULL VERSION] by @m0rriss.ig + @ripwarheart + @637rxss Sound Kit includes: 60 Loops 120 Serum Presets 80 One Shots 100 Midis In the style of Hyperpop, Pluggnb, Drain, SEBii, Eric Doa, Lil Uzi Vert, Playboi Carti + More! Links

Fume Music Ethnic Grooves WAV

By | August 29, 2019

Fume Music Ethnic Grooves WAV Size 57 Mb Fresh ethnic percussion loops and one shots for modern day producers and composers. Ethnic Grooves contains: 35 Loops: 100_EG_ADDS_1.wav 100_EG_ADDS_2.wav 110_EG_ADDS_4.wav 110_EG_ADDS_5.wav 110_EG_ADDS_6.wav 120_EG_ADDS_0.wav 120_EG_ADDS_10.wav 120_EG_ADDS_11.wav 120_EG_ADDS_15.wav 120_EG_ADDS_16.wav 120_EG_ADDS_17.wav 120_EG_ADDS_18.wav 120_EG_ADDS_19.wav 120_EG_ADDS_2.wav 120_EG_ADDS_20.wav 120_EG_ADDS_4.wav 120_EG_ADDS_5.wav 120_EG_ADDS_7.wav 120_EG_ADDS_8.wav 128_EG_ADDS_1.wav 128_EG_ADDS_2.wav 128_EG_ADDS_3.wav 128_EG_ADDS_5.wav 128_EG_ADDS_6.wav 128_EG_ADDS_7.wav 128_EG_ADDS_8.wav 140_EG_ADDS_1.wav 140_EG_ADDS_2.wav 140_EG_ADDS_3.wav 140_EG_ADDS_4.wav 140_EG_ADDS_5.wav 90_EG_ADDS_0.wav… Read More »

LBandyMusic Morocco Traditional WAV MIDI

By | June 19, 2019

LBandyMusic Morocco Traditional WAV MIDI Size 254 Mb This is a special release from our top charting label LBandyMusic in time for the “Holy Ramadan Month”. Inside ‘Morocco Traditional’ you will find an Ethnic/Oriental Kit based on traditional music formatted as Loops, One Shots, Construction kits and additionally MIDI Files and 4 Multi-Sample instruments (Bozouki, Fiddle, Oud &… Read More »