TCHAD BLAKE Thomas Dybdahl "All These Things" Inside The Track 42 TUTORIAL

TCHAD BLAKE Thomas Dybdahl “All These Things” Inside The Track 42 TUTORIAL

Join us at Manhattan Beach recording studios for a series with the supremely creative mixer Tchad Blake! Known for working fully ‘in the box’ while thinking far outside of it, Blake continues to impart his unique stamp on records. Focussing on the mix of ‘All These Things’ by Thomas Dybdahl, Tchad reveals his latest innovative techniques for achieving his revered sound that oozes character. After comparing the rough mix to his final, he takes you through all the treatments used on lead and backing vocals, drums, piano, bass, guitars, and the mix buss. With the Pro Tools session open, he demonstrates exactly how he applied compression, EQ, distortion, gating, transient control, spatial enhancement, and much more!

Part 1
Rough vs. final mix, drum replacement, EQ, flanging, saturation, gating, compression

Part 2
Drum busses, transient control, distortion, EQ, excitement, multi-band compression

Part 3
Bass, guitars, piano, blending, EQ, compression, filtering, modulation, spatial processing

Part 4
Vocal & mix buss processing, plug-ins vs. hardware, sonic contrast, aesthetic

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