The Rhythm Guitar Strumming Catalogue Vol. 6 TUTORIAL

The Rhythm Guitar Strumming Catalogue – Volume 6 TUTORIAL

Are you tired of playing the same rhythm/strumming patterns over and over again?Are you ready to learn some new rhythm/strumming patterns?Are you a beginner, just learning how to play the guitar?Have you played guitar for awhile and need some inspiration to get you out of a strumming slump?

Try “The Rhythm Guitar Strumming Catalogue” by Greg Tabone. Learn from a professional musician who has taught guitar privately for decades, and taught music in the public education system (K to Grade 12) for over 32 years. I know the steps needed for students to learn, and how to help students learn for themselves with some guidance. Students must be exposed to many different musical concepts to learn. I will be presenting every one-bar strumming pattern for guitar in 10 volumes so that each guitarist will play EVERY pattern possible.

That way they can be inspired to create their own music or change the same old strumming patterns they have used since they learned the guitar. As Einstein says, “if you do the same things, the same way you always did them and expect a different outcome, then that is the definition of insanity”. I challenge you to try my course and to play every pattern I show you. You will definitely learn something new – perhaps changing your playing for ever!Each volume will consist of:* 8 patterns* a step-by-step guide with rhythmic notation on the screen* beginner to advanced levels – presented in parts of the course* downloadable pdfs* drum beats to accompany your practiceThe 3 parts to each Volume include: Beginner, Intermediate & Advanced LevelsPart 1 – each rhythm pattern is demonstrated at a simple level on the acoustic guitar using one chord and focuses on learning the rhythm and not the chords.Part 2- each rhythm pattern is played with 8 different chord progressions – the player should know the open/first position basic chords.Part 3 – the electric guitar is used with drum tracks to show how the basic rhythms can be transformed into rock, metal, pop, or techno rhythms using simple barre chords. Again the focus is on the rhythms and not on the chords used. The user sees how the basic down and up patterns which are standard on the acoustic guitar can be transformed to all down strokes to change the feel of the music.Anyone completing all of the volumes of pattern lessons will be exposed to patterns that they probably never have played before. Upon completion of these volumes, the player should be motivated to change the same old strumming patterns they have used over and over to new, and fun alternatives. Start today! I have it all ready for you to learn from!

What you’ll learn

  • Students will learn how to play 8 rhythm/strumming patterns.
  • Students will be able to play 8 chord progressions using the 8 rhythm patterns provided.
  • Students will be able to play along with the drum tracks, while watching a professional guitar play along.
  • Students will be inspired to know how to play new rhythms and how they can be played differently on the acoustic guitar and the electric guitar.

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