Timmo Hendriks Track from Scratch TUTORIAL

Timmo Hendriks Track from Scratch TUTORIAL

Learn how to build out a mix and turn a simple chord progression into a fully fledged progressive house track with Timmo Hendriks.

Dive into a music production masterclass with rising star Timmo Hendriks, and get a first-class grounding in how to put together big-sounding progressive house tracks. Using Apple’s flagship digital audio workstation Logic Pro, Timmo works his way through a full session of melody writing, sound design, arranging and mixing.

Timmo Hendriks studied at the same academy that produced artists like Martin Garrix and Julian Jordan and signed to Nicky Romero’s Protocol Recordings in 2018. He’s played at major festivals and venues around the world, working crowds into a frenzy with his soul-stirring sets.
This course is your opportunity to get into the studio with Timmo and watch his creative process and problem-solving techniques in the context of a mix.

Over the course of two hours, you’ll see Timmo design leads, bass and chords, build atmospheric FX in breaks, and write melodies. Starting by writing a chord progression using his MIDI keyboard, Hendriks reaches deep into his bag of tricks to add layers of melody, atmosphere and rhythm until the track has reached completion.

If you want to get better at something, there’s no substitute for watching a professional work with their tools, and that’s exactly what you get when you take this course. Timmo Hendriks gets hands-on with a variety of plugins including u-He Diva, LennarDigital Sylenth 1, KONTAKT and many more. You’ll see him design patches and go through his favourite presets, as well as pick up his workflow for mastering and other crucial parts of the mixing process.

All in all, there are 20 chapters of production gold in Track from Scratch – Timmo Hendriks.
Once you’ve signed up for the course you can return to the material as many times as you like, and you’ll also get access to the stems from Timmo’s project so you can follow along on your own DAW.
Timmo Hendriks has proven himself to be a producer and DJ with impressive output, so this is your opportunity to finetune your skills and step up your music production game to similar levels.

DAW: Logic Pro
Total runtime: 2hrs 8mins

Includes the STEMS for the song Timmo creates in the course.

Timmo Hendriks Track From Scratch

  • Chapter 1: First steps: chords
    Timmo Hendriks begins writing a progressive house track. First he writes a foundational chord progression with Logic’s stock piano.
  • Chapter 2: Writing a melody
    To accompany the chord progression, Hendriks writes and records a melody.
  • Chapter 3: The breakdown
    For the breakdown, Timmo Hendriks adds a Kontakt guitar. He builds tension using automation, and by experimenting with the arrangement.
  • Chapter 4: Writing a bassline
    Hendriks crafts a warm, analog style bass patch and writes a bassline to accompany the breakdown.
  • Chapter 5: Adding atmospheric elements
    Using synths and samples, Timmo Hendriks adds atmospheric melodic and percussive elements to the arrangement.
  • Chapter 6: Adding drums
    Hendriks adds more energy with a kick and snare. The track is starting to take shape.
  • Chapter 7: More drums
    The track continues to build. Timmo creates interesting transitional FX with cymbals, reverb and delay.
  • Chapter 8 : The drop
    Now the breakdown is in place Hendriks starts work on the drop, sharing insight on layering leads, bass and chords.
  • Chapter 9: Drop drums
    Choosing the optimum samples for the drop, Hendriks programs a drop beat, layering, sidechaining and compressing for maximum impact.
  • Chapter 10: Layering the drop drums
    Timmo continues to develop the drums in the drop, adding new elements and extending the length of the drop.
  • Chapter 11: Drop effects
    Timmo Hendriks adds white noise, downlifters, and crashes to the drop.
  • Chapter 12: Energy boost
    To add more energy to the mix, Timmo adds an atmospheric vocal loop throughout the drop.
  • Chapter 13: Transitioning between sections
    Timmo Hendriks transitions between the breakdown section and the drop using EQ and gain automation, and Dada Life’s Endless Smile.
  • Chapter 14: Amping up the buildup
    The buildup has to create anticipation in the listener. Hendriks shares how he squeezes everything out of the buildup with FX and samples.
  • Chapter 15: Introducing the melody
    Timmo Hendriks introduces the drop melody in the buildup to help the track flow from section to section.
  • Chapter 16: Adding a snare roll
    To add more energy to the buildup, Timmo adds a snare roll, layering the snare, grouping the layers and automating the group for movement.
  • Chapter 17: Mixing and mastering part 1
    Timmo Hendriks shares his go to mixing and mastering plugins, and demonstrates how he uses them.
  • Chapter 18: Mixing and mastering part 2
    Timmo finalises the mix and master, referencing the track against an already mastered song to get a festival ready end result.

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