Transmissions Samples Dubstep Wobble & Screams Vol.1

Transmissions Samples Dubstep Wobble & Screams Vol.1 [NMSV]

Use this NI Massive soundbank to create earth shaking wobble bass and face screwing leads to scare kids and grandparents.

Create breakdowns and build ups with the Pads, FX and Seq, then drop into a killer track with growling leads and shuddering bass. Influenced by the likes of Neuro, Datsik, Doctor P and Skrillex

Product Includes:

  •  92 Patches in both KSD and NMSV format, (KSD) for massive V1.01 and up, (NMSV) for Verson 1.3
  •  25 bass patches covering Wobbles, sub, growls and drones
  •  32 Leads and screamers
  •  6 Lush and evolving pads
  •  9 Spacey effects
  •  20 sequenced or evolving modulated patches for ease of use (arpeggios and complex wobblers)


  •  These paches cant be used on any Massive pre to V 1.0.1 (very early version)

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Demo Previw: