Triune Films VHS CD Tape Sound Effects WAV

By | February 14, 2021

Triune Films VHS CD Tape Sound Effects WAV

Triune Films VHS CD Tape SFX WAV

With old video and audio equipment getting harder and harder to find these days, skip the search and grab the Triune Digital VHS/CD/Tape SFX pack.


40 Files of VHS, CD and Cassette players
39 Minutes of Audio
Tape inserts, Rewinding, Fast Forwarding, CD tray opening, chunky button clicks
High Resolution 192k recordings

MECH_Cassette Tape_Falst Play.wav
MECH_Cassette Tape_Fast Forward_01.wav
MECH_Cassette Tape_Fast Forward_02.wav
MECH_Cassette Tape_Fast Forward_03.wav
MECH_Cassette Tape_Fast Forward_04.wav
MECH_Cassette Tape_Insert.wav
MECH_Cassette Tape_PLAY_01.wav
MECH_Cassette Tape_PLAY_02.wav
MECH_Cassette Tape_Rewind_01.wav
MECH_Cassette Tape_Rewind_02.wav
MECH_Cassette Tape_Rewind_03.wav
MECH_CD Player_Eject 1.wav
MECH_CD Player_Eject 2.wav
MECH_CD Player_Eject 3.wav
MECH_CD Player_Insert.wav
MECH_CD Player_Insert_Play.wav
MECH_CD Player_Play_Idle_Wind Down.wav
MECH_CD Player_Wind Down.wav
MECH_CD VHS Player_Play_Stop_lid off.wav
MECH_CD VHS Player_Play_Stop_lid on.wav
MECH_VHS Player_Fast Forward_front mic.wav
MECH_VHS Player_Fast Forward_lid on.wav
MECH_VHS Player_flaps.wav
MECH_VHS Player_idle_front mic.wav
MECH_VHS Player_On Off_lid off.wav
MECH_VHS Player_PLAY_front mic.wav
MECH_VHS Player_PLAY_lid on.wav
MECH_VHS Player_Rewind_front mic.wav
MECH_VHS Player_Rewind_lid on_01.wav
MECH_VHS Player_Rewind_lid on_02.wav
MECH_VHS Player_Rewind_lid on_03.wav
MECH_VHS Player_Tape Handling.wav
MECH_VHS Player_Tape Insert_01.wav
MECH_VHS Player_Tape Insert_02.wav
MECH_VHS Player_Tape Insert_03.wav
MECH_VHS Player_Tape Insert_Wind Down_lid on.wav
MECH_VHS Player_Tape won’t play.wav
MECH_VHS Player_Tapehead error_01.wav
MECH_VHS Player_Tapehead error_02.wav
MECH_VHS Player_Wind Down_front mic.wav
VHS Design Demo 1.wav


Demo Preview:

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