Using Music for Better Video Edits TUTORIAL

By | April 15, 2022

Using Music for Better Video Edits TUTORIAL

Using Music for Better Video Edits TUTORIAL

Do you have the perfect musical overlay in mind but can’t get your video edited right? While music can do wonders for telling your story, it helps to know the basic concepts to bring it to full effect. In this course, instructor and lifelong musician Luisa Winters shows you how to leverage the power of music when you’re editing video and maximize its potential to captivate your viewers when they see—and hear—your final cut on the screen.

Learn how music affects your videos and how to take advantage of music in your work. Explore the fundamentals of storytelling in music with lessons on key, time signature, rhythm, and pacing, with tips on how to use each to better communicate your message. Along the way, Luisa—a classically trained violinist—shows you how to tell your story progressively through harmonic transitions, building tension towards the climax and release. Find out more about utilizing musical instrumentation to make your scenes come alive with dazzling effects.


  • Introduction
  • 1. Key Signature
  • 2. Time Signature
  • 3. Rhythm and Pacing
  • 4. Tension and Release
  • 5. Instrumentation
  • Conclusion


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