VANGELIS For Omnisphere 2

VANGELIS For Omnisphere 2

Vangelis for Omnisphere is a tribute soundset of synth emulations and Vangelis-inspired sounds, carefully created by closely studying some of the classics Vangelis composed throughout his life. The collection contains 115 presets, divided among 90 patches and 25 multis.

The soundset is inspired by the music of Vangelis. From the early era of L’Apocalypse des Animaux and Opera Sauvage, to later compositions such as his film score to the Oscar-winning Chariots of Fire and Koreyoshi Kurahara’s film Antarctica, to solo albums like The City and Direct, Voices and Oceanic, and of course, his immortal and epic soundtrack to the 1982 Ridley Scott sci-fi classic film Blade Runner.

Vangelis has influenced theoutput like no one else, and in everyrelease, there’s always a bit of Vangelis. His ability to compose melodies – as if they were a direct extension of his emotions – is somethingalways aims to channel into the creation of his own sounds. This is a humble and personal tribute to honor the legacy of a giant.

Some of the emulations include the CS-80 synth lead from the Blade Runner Main Titles, the Koto-sounding synth key from Theme from Antarctica, the mesmerizing arpeggio from Fields of Coral, the synth brass as heard in Five Circles; a recreation of the fragile and delicate synth key from Le Petite Fille de la Mer, and the classic harmonica/synth lead from Blade Runner Blues, plus many more emulations and Vangelis-inspired sounds.

Listen to the demos below. All sounds in the YouTube video and the main demo on SoundCloud are straight from the Vangelis soundset. There is no external processing of any kind, no EQ, no compression, and no other sounds or effects used.

But the soundbank is much more than emulations. It also contains synth presets, freely inspired by Vangelis’ music in general. Expressive synth keys, pads and strings, synthesized harps, sound effects of rain and wind, synth leads, and basses. All drawing inspiration from sounds we imagine Vangelis could have designed himself, and used in his compositions. As an extra, the set comes with 22 FX Rack Presets which are effect presets, creatively and freely inspired by the reverb of Vangelis and the Lexicon 224.

All the presets in the set possess great attention to detail. They are authentic to Vangelis, being expressive and extremely velocity-sensitive. Modwheel and aftertouch play an essential part in the performance of most of the sounds.

The Vangelis soundset is 52 MB and requires Omnisphere v2.8 or later. The presets are sorted in official Spectrasonics categories and have a few dB of headroom reserved. A PDF guide is included that describes how to install the set. There are four patches ported over from the soundsetAmbient 2, among them the Hymne preset (which is revisited in this release) but also the Blade Runner Main and two others. So if you haveAmbient 2, you will already have a few of the presets.

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