W. A. Production What About Sinhala EDM Vocals WAV

W. A. Production What About Sinhala EDM Vocals WAV

‘Sinhala EDM Vocals’ by What About presents a set of Vocals that can take your tracks to another level. Whether you want to add some excitement with phrases, turn that Ballad into an emotional show stopper, or to give your track a vocalized message.

These vocal tracks come with a lyric sheet and are sung in the native Sinhalese tongue. Elegant, mysterious, powerful, and amazing female vocal tracks come with multiple layers and are 100% Dry. That’s Right. No effects have been added. What About is giving you five complete raw tracks.

They have been sung in a variety of keys giving you more options and diversity. You can use the entire track or slice and dice, taking only the sections you need. Recorded with the latest studio equipment and recording technology, you’ll get a truly captured render that is crystal clear and professional quality.

There’s nothing more musically enticing than a Middle Eastern Vocal. Add them to Psy, House, Pop, or Hip-hop. You and your listeners will be blown away by the authenticity of these vocal stylings. Add some authentic ethnicity straight from Sri Lanka with SinhalaEDM Vocals from W. A. Production.

Product Details:

  •  5 Vocal Construction Kits
  •  48 Dry & Wet Acapellas
  •  40 Vocal Phrase Loops
  •  23 Cutted Vocal Loops
  •  100% Royalty-Free

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Demo Preview: