Wankelmut Track from Scratch TUTORIAL

Wankelmut Track from Scratch TUTORIAL

Join platinum-selling producer and DJ Wankelmut to learn the production fundamentals that go into creating chart-topping house music.

Step into the studio and join platinum-selling producer and DJ Wankelmut for a masterclass in making radio-friendly house music. Using Ableton Live, Wankelmut takes you on a journey from blank project to final mix, covering the full spectrum of music production along the way as he creates a certified chart topper.

Navigating the waters of the music industry isn’t easy, especially when you’re trying to make a career out of your tunes. Don’t worry though, Wankelmut is on hand to share with you some insider tips on launching yourself as an artist and establishing your brand once things are rolling.

As well as an in-depth guide to making banging house tracks, you’ll pick up some sage career advice from an artist who has well and truly done it all.

This course is a unique opportunity to dive right into a studio session with a dance music producer who has achieved over 500 million streams – and that’s with one song! Wankelmut’s One Day/Reckoning Song became the biggest house music anthem in 2012 when it went to number one in eight different countries across the globe!

Since then, the Berlin artist has spent the last ten years at the top of the dance music mountain, penning UK Top 5-charting hits and remixing big name artists like Hozier, Lenny Kravitz and Röyksopp.

Now you get to watch Wankelmut build a beat and share drum programming techniques, design synth patches, chop up vocal acapellas and create FX like risers, lifters and reverse sounds. You’ll see him grapple with basslines and lead synth melodies, turn loops into full arrangements and everything in between, with his full array of mix skills on display throughout.

The majority of the course is carried out in-the-box, with a focus on stock plugins that anyone who uses Ableton as their DAW can use. Wankelmut even goes through his personal Ableton template in full, giving you an insight into the way the pros work. Even if you don’t use Ableton, you’ll still be able to pull a huge amount of knowledge and inspiration from this course, as broad topics are covered like synthesis fundamentals, workflow, and mixing and mastering.

There are 16 chapters brimming with music production in this course plus 3 bonus chapters full of career, studio and workflow advice. Watch each video lesson at a pace that suits you, and return as many times as needed.

What are you waiting for? It’s time to supercharge your music production skills and start your own journey towards success, by taking Wankelmut – Track from Scratch today!

DAW: Ableton Live
Total runtime: 8hrs 11mins

Includes the STEMS for the song Wankelmut uses in the course.

Wankelmut Track from Scratch

  • Chapter 1: Ableton Template
    Wankelmut goes through his Ableton template, including effects racks, audio and MIDI track setup, return channels and some vocal processing.
  • Chapter 2: Starting the Track
    Wankelmut loads an acapella into the session and works out the key and BPM, establishing a guide chord progression
  • Chapter 3: Basic Drums
    Using 909 samples and Ableton’s Simpler, Wankelmut programs a basic house beat with a swung groove and sets up a drum bus.
  • Chapter 4: Creating a Bassline
    Wankelmut writes a bass line that uses the initial chord progression as a guide, then designs a plucky bass patch with Wavetable.
  • Chapter 5: Basic Chords
    Wankelmut edits the guide chord progression so that it fits with the bass line, and makes a piano group with some early processing,
  • Chapter 6: Vocal Processing
    With a foundation in place, Wankelmut treats the lead vocal with EQ, saturation and compression, and sets up vocal return channels
  • Chapter 7: Rough Arrangement
    Wankelmut finetunes the bass and piano parts, and begins sketching out a radio-friendly arrangement
  • Chapter 8: Adding FX
    Wankelmut moves the track forward with filtered FX, adding impact with a snare riser, white noise and reverse crash cymbal.
  • Chapter 9: Varying the Piano
    Using his MIDI keyboard Wankelmut records a new piano take, edits the clip to inject some variation, and tweaks the processing.
  • Chapter 10: Synth Sounds
    Wankelmut jumps on the Prophet 6, demonstrating some synthesis fundamentals. He adds a pluck sound on top using Wavetable and blends it in.
  • Chapter 11: Piano Adjustments
    Not satisfied with the piano part, Wankelmut tweaks the clip and creates a pumping rhythm to match the bass. Extra percussion is also added.
  • Chapter 12: Full Arrangement
    With the main elements in place, Wankelmut extends out the section he’s been working on so far into a full arrangement.
  • Chapter 13: The Bridge
    Wankelmut composes a piano part for the bridge section, distinguishing it from the rest of the track with a different chord progression.
  • Chapter 14: Synth Lead
    For the final ingredient, Wankelmut creates a sustained lead sound and writes a hook melody to spice up the post-chorus section.
  • Chapter 15: Rough Mixdown
    Using mainly EQ and compression, Wankelmut cleans up the mix and gets it ready to be sent out to a mixing engineer.
  • Chapter 16: Final Touches
    Wankelmut adds some final details to the lead vocal and makes some minor tweaks to the arrangement and mix.

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