Warp Academy How To Create Wide Mixes TUTORIAL

Warp Academy How To Create Wide Mixes TUTORIAL

If you’re confused about how to get wide mixes like the pros this course has you covered. You’ll learn about the best audio effects and techniques, plus get key industry insights to help you craft the stereo mixes of your dreams. And, you’ll learn what you might be doing wrong. This course will take your mixing skills to the next level fast!


Almost daily at Warp Academy we get asked questions about mix width. From high hats to the master channel, width is an elusive concept for many. Having identified this issue, we created a course to answer these super common questions, dispel popular myths, and overall take the mystery out of widening your mix. Our goal: the ultimate course to accelerate your knowledge of mix width, making it both EASY and FUN.

It can seem daunting to get your music as wide as your hero’s. Honestly, we’ve been there ourselves. You might have heard it’s as simple as cranking one expensive plug-in on your master track, only to find out that it left your mix hollow and wimpy. Exciting mix width can seem unachievable — available only to those with out-of-this-world budgets.

But, luckily it’s not! The secret to creating wide mixes comes down to assembling many small (but POWERFUL) skills. You also need to know which tactics lead to unfavorable results (even if it’s not super obvious at first). We made this course to clear things up, once and for all…


  • Why addressing mix width is critical nowadays
  • The best approach to mixing for width
  • The indispensable tools for width analysis
  • The best plugins for creating and altering width
  • How to widen synthesizers
  • How to widen recorded instruments or vocals
  • How to widen mono audio
  • How to avoid phase cancellation and comb filtering
  • Why too much width can be a problem


Simply put, this course will give you the proficiency to make amazing, super wide mixes. You’ll hear your mixes go from one-dimensional, to immense and impactful. Equally important, you’ll also learn what not to do, and how to fix common problems that frustrate other producers. Regardless of what genre you produce in, you’ll leave this course confident that you know how to dial in a wide, punchy, and powerful mix that will sound good ANYWHERE.

Rather than going through years of experimenting, taking the slow route, we invite you to jump into the fast lane and learn from our experience as both music producers and coaches. You’ll learn which plug-ins to reach for, in which scenarios. You’ll learn what NOT to do in others. Plus, we provide valuable advice on how to keep sharpening and improving your ears for years to come. Learn the audio plug-ins, engineering techniques, and sonic theory behind professional mix width; gain the confidence you’ve always wanted when it comes to stereo width.

Give your tracks professional stereo width. Try this course on creating mix width with our 7 Day Free Trial Membership.

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