Warp Academy Sub-Bass Bootcamp TUTORIAL

By | September 19, 2021

Warp Academy Sub-Bass Bootcamp TUTORIAL

Warp Academy Sub-Bass Bootcamp TUTORIAL

As you can probably imagine, sub-bass is a central sonic element in almost all modern music. Great hip hop, Latin, techno, house, and even pop songs must have sub-bass to have impact. Top-notch producers possess a keen awareness and a plethora of knowledge on creating compelling, chest-rattling sub-bass.

But, what separates a good sub-bass from a great one? There’s a lot to consider — what waveform to use, whether or not to compress, how to use distortion, what notes are too low, what notes are too high, samples vs. synthesis, and the list goes on! It’s understandably an area of music production where a lot of our students struggle.

Rather than pulling up a sub-bass preset and praying for the best, this live-stream will show you the best techniques for creating sub instruments, common mistakes to avoid, and advanced skills to make your low-end deep and exciting. If you love the low-end but are confused about designing sub-bass patches — or how to confidently choose presets from your favorite synths — this live-stream is for you.


  • How to use any synth to create a fat sub
  • How to correctly use audio samples of sub-bass in Ableton’s Simpler
  • How to optimize settings on your sub-bass instrument
  • How to create and control harmonics
  • How to incorporate pitch envelopes to make your sub slap
  • What notes are the juiciest to program
  • How to process your sub for the best results


  • A selection of sub-bass racks created by the Warp Academy team
  • 2 hours of training
  • Q&A period
  • The presentation slides as a PD


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