World Music 102: Chords for Bedroom Producers TUTORIAL

World Music 102: Chords for Bedroom Producers TUTORIAL

Ready to master chords for just a fraction of the cost of college or other courses?
In the second part of the World Music Series, anyone who is just a producer of music with no ability to read sheet music or play an instrument can understand the science behind chords and the sequences of them within a song (also known as a chord progression).

There are tons of topics covered here, but only the ones most essential to creating a song that others will appreciate and recognise as part of the genre they’re used to. You’ll learn about basic seventh chords, extended harmonies, tritone substitution/passing chords, the seven different modes, progressions in the most widely used genres, borrowed chords and much more.

This will lead to subsequent courses where you will be able to master ear training and capture the vibe of any song or melody that inspires you without copying the original (and subsequently being sued). The key is to be able to take the best parts of what you would learn in a college course and take it all in for $30. Then, you will be well on your way to creating awesome music.

The material is presented in a way that is easy to understand regardless of what education level you are at. From the Mozarts to the first-timers, as long as you’ve taken World Music 101, this course will be very easy.

What you’ll learn:

  • Identify and build the basic and extended harmony chords used in most genres of music
  • Learn why certain chord progressions are sonically/harmonically pleasing to the human ear
  • Learn how to manipulate and expand chords to match/complement a vocal or instrumental track
  • Figure out how to create chords in multiple genres and improve basic standard chord progressions