YAMAHA Vocaloid4FE 4.3.0

By | March 19, 2018

YAMAHA Vocaloid4FE 4.3.0 Win

YAMAHA Vocaloid4FE 4.3.0
Size 49 Mb

Basic software of VOCALOID 4 to synthesize singing voices by inputting lyrics and melody.

With VOCALOID 4, singing with more expressive abilities became possible. We also have a number of new features that are useful for making songs.

* Since singing library is not included, you need to prepare a singing library of VOCALOID 4 or VOCALOID 3 separately.
※ VOCALOID ™ 3 Job Plugin VocaListener (Vocaloid) is not compatible with VOCALOID 4. Please upgrade to V4 ugly (VOCALOID 4 Job Plugin Voca Listener) and use it.

New in VOCALOID 4:

Cross-synthesis is a function that can smoothly blend two different libraries.

is a function that makes singing like singing effective in a wide range of genres such as Enka and Rock.

Pitch Rendering: A
function that allows you to draw a graph on the note of a piano roll that allows you to see the pitch bend and how the portamento hanging is visible.

Pitch snap mode: It
is a function to easily generate a voice like a robot (also called a kerokero voice).

Operating environment

OS – Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7 SP 1 (32/64 bit)
CPU – Intel Dual Core CPU
RAM – 2 GB or more (4 GB recommended)
Hard disk capacity – 500 MB or more of free space
※ singing voice library minutes are not included. Please check the space required for your singing voice library separately.
Supported libraries (sold separately) – VOCALOID 4 library product, VOCALOID 3 library product
※ VOCALOID 4 peculiar GROWL function works only with the corresponding VOCALOID 4 library.
* VOCALOID 4 specific cross synthesis function works with the VOCALOID 4 library and VOCALOID 3 library in the corresponding cross synthesis group.
* In order to activate and update the latest version, the computer must be connected to the Internet environment.
* Even if the above operating conditions are satisfied, operation on all computers is not guaranteed.
There are differences in performance such as the number of tracks that can be used at the same time due to the overall performance of the computer.


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