YESclip, a william crooks moment WAV PRESETS

By | July 28, 2022

YESclip, a william crooks moment WAV PRESETS

YESclip, a william crooks moment WAV PRESETS

Self-proclaimed “botanist, not a rapper” william crooks is a familiar name to any Soundcloud head over the past 8 years. He’s produced everything from tranquil hip hop beat tapes to some of Soundcloud trap’s loudest bangers, and his vocal talents range from harmonizer-heavy pop ballads to razor-sharp rap verses alike. He has worked with the likes of Dylan Brady, Cali Cartier, umru, and quickly, quickly, and his latest mixtape ‘Running as fast as I can’ is the most refined show of his talents yet.

His fourth sample pack-but first on ‘YESclip’, is the definitive manifesto for his “clipping bring you closer to god” mentality. Willy’s tried and true palette of harmonic distortion, trunk shaking 808s and drums, and hollering adlibs will be instant staples in your library.

“Huh? It sounds like that on purpose,” Willy says over his shoulder while tending to a cucumber plant in his backyard garden.

Available today, ‘YESclip’ is a fresh yet timeless take on the hip hop drum kit, but its buzzing basses, thumping drum grooves, and flip-ready melodies are fit for a banger in any genre.


  • TRAP
  • 177 ONE SHOTS
  • 59 LOOPS

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