Zenhiser Lofi Hip Hop WAV

Zenhiser Lofi Hip Hop WAV

Flexing its muscles in the Hip Hop arena, ‘Lofi Hip Hop’ challenges your preconceptions of Lofi Hip Hop. It rummages through your dream like state and curls its tentacles around your mind. Think of this sample pack as a door into your new subconscious.

Blending elements from multiple sub genres of Hip Hop, this collection features vinyl soaked melody loops, tight, crunchy beats, twisted vocal fx loops, broken synths and rolling drum machine rhythms. The creation process was simple, use equipment true to the Hip Hop genre like the Akai MPC controller and classic drum machines to base the pack on the true feel and movement of this disciplinary genre, then fuse it with modern re-sampling and programming techniques. This fusion has resulted in a Lofi Hip Hop pack that challenges your current thoughts and pushes you to break away into a new field of sonic voodoo.

‘Lofi Hip Hop’ will give you the knowledge that transitioning your skills to this new sound is the way forward for your future tracks. A quick listen to the preview will whisk you away within seconds, and thats exactly what we want the pack to do.


  • Drum Hits – 01 Kick – 49
  • Drum Hits – 02 Hi Hat – 38
  • Drum Hits – 03 Snare – 49
  • Drum Hits – 04 Mixed Percussion – 07
  • Loops – Bassline – 46
  • Loops – Drum Beat – 218
  • Loops – Full Mix – 50
  • Loops – Synth – 100
  • One Shots – FX – 33
  • Tempo -87bpm – 164bpm
  • Key Info – Yes
  • Audio – 24-Bit Wav


Demo Preview: