Audio Assault Head Crusher v1.3.5 Win & Mac

Audio Assault Head Crusher v1.3.5
Size 139 Mb 

Multiband Saturator.Analog Saturation to spice up any track.

Analog Goodness

Featuring 5 saturation modes based on analog equipment,
Head Crusher brings out the best in any track.
Whether you want to spice up a vocal take or make that drum sound explode,
Head Crusher is right up your alley.

Filter Away

Head Crusher’s 2 analog filters, sweet sounding Tilt EQ
and 5 saturation modes make it a perfect tool to shape any sound.
Both filters feature adjustable Q and the tone knob is great
for shaping any track quickly and easily

Mix It Up

Head Crusher’s Torture & Assasinate knobs are the perfect weapons to
destroy any sound you desire.
Make synth patches soar, make that hard vocal extra nasty,
and if you want the best of both worlds,
Head Crusher’s mix knob makes it easy to dial
just the right amount of dirt.

Supported Formats : VST / VST3 / Audio Units / RTAS / AAX / Audio Suite=”1″]