BeatSkillz Slam Pro v1.2 Win & Mac

BeatSkillz Slam Pro v1.2 Win & Mac
Size Win 17 Mb // Mac 100 Mb 

Shape your Drums, Bass, Synths, Vocals and more…

Slam Pro is a simple, yet powerful tool with just the right controls to dial in the sound that you desire, quickly. Pro Engineers use a combination of various processes to achieve great sounding tracks consistently. Slam Pro brings you such a combination of hardware emulations done “perfectly” bringing the same workflow to your setup.

Easy Controls

Bombastic BASS!
Add or cut the “Thump, Boom or Sub” Bass to your track. Add thump to kicks or boom to 808s and also remove mud in seconds.

Heat / Airz
Garnish your track or mix with Tube/ Tape Saturation (3 types selectable) . Add”Clarity” to your mix or track with the Airz control (3 freq. selectable high shelf filter)

Pop / Crush
Use any of the 4 types of compression (POP) to glue, add punch, or control your track dynamics, and then “Crush” for adding loudness to your track or mix.

Stereo Width
Use the Band slider to set the crossover for 2 bands of stereo expansion. Widen your track , yet keep the bass frequencies in the center. Full control of your stereo width with no hassle.


Windows   MacOSX