Caelum Audio Flux Pro

Caelum Audio Flux Pro v1.0.1 [WIN]

Flux Pro is a multi-fx modulation plugin that transforms your sounds into colourful, characterful and dynamic tracks.

Do you want to add graceful stereo waves to your keys, dirty pulsing side-chains to your bass, complex striking filters to your synths or noisy mechanical glitches to your drums? Modulation is king and we’re offering you the throne.

There are 3 customisable graphs which can perfectly sculpt your sound. Simply set the depth of the controls in the 4 effects slots, from which you can use a variety of 10 modulation effects. Are you in a hurry and need movement quickly? Easily drag 1 of the 48 built-in shapes onto the graph for fast and effective modulation.

Flux Pro has a range of effects from which you can use; Filter 1, Filter 2, Delay, Delay (Fixed), Width, Phaser, Chorus/Flanger, Rate Modulation, Ring Modulation and Utility.

Try shaping the Ring Modulation’s frequency and harmonic amount to add mechanical flavours to your bass. Or maybe create some ethereal vocal delays by programming audio reverses an octave up with Fixed Delay’s sample control. Then, apply a slow sine to the other Delay’s time and feedback controls to create more movement.

Perhaps a mix approach, is your piano getting masked by a synth? Setup Flux Pro on the piano track with a boosted high shelf filter, some gentle chorus and additional width. Then, set Flux Pro’s MIDI Input to the Synth, so that every time the synth plays the piano is given a little push to stand out in the mix.

Not good enough, want to get weird? Vary the formant filters’ cutoff and resonance as if your music is flowing through someone’s throat. Why not set the Fixed Delay to repeat every other bar at an octave lower so you can moodily duet with yourself on those lonely nights. Lastly, have quick oscillations of Rate Modulation to add percussive texture to your audio, and more importantly, save yourself the humiliation of recording a shaker track.

Draw intricate automation lines using bezier curves in 3 different custom graphs that can be assigned to any modulation parameter.

Choose from 10 different modulation effects in four effects slots and control all of their parameters at once with the graphs.

Drag 48 pre-made shapes straight onto the graph for quick rhythmic sketches. Customise your own shapes and save them in the User Bank.

Use MIDI Triggering to start modulations (One-shot & Retrigger) and output graphs as MIDI CC to control your other plugins.

Control Voltage
Send each graph out as an audio signal through your DC coupled interface to use as control voltage for your cherished external hardware.

Choose from 115 presets in different instrument and style banks to get you started.

  • Transforms your sounds into colourful, characterful and dynamic tracks
  • Perfectly sculpt your music with 3 different easy to use graphs
  • Immerse yourself in 10 powerful effects in 4 slots
  • Control your other plugins & hardware with comprehensive routing

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