Flux Pure Analyzer v1.10.4 Win

Flux Pure Analyzer v1.10.4 Win
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Pure Analyzer System – The Next Generation RTA (Real Time Analyzer) System

The Flux:: Pure Analyzer System is a modular RTA-system providing a comprehensive range of analyzer options for any imaginable audio analysis and measurement applications, from being an invaluable help to improve your mixes, to critical tasks for professional mastering, broadcast, post-production and live engineers.

The foundation of the Pure Analyzer System is a standalone application, Pure Analyzer Essential, which can be expanded with up to three modules all providing specific tools for their actual field of usage; Live, Metering/Loudness and Multichannel/Surround analysis. In order to use any of the add-on modules, Pure Analyzer Essential is required.

Available add-on modules are:

Pure Analyzer Live
Pure Analyzer Metering
Pure Analyzer Multichannel

Audio I/O and the SampleGrabber Plug-in

The Pure Analyzer has full support for standard hardware I/O with ASIO and Core Audio.

In addition to this, a plug-in called SampleGrabber, available in all standard plug-in formats, is provided. The SampleGrabber plug-in can be inserted into the insert chain on any DAW or Digital Mixing Console supporting standard plug-ins, where it grabs the source/response audio signal and send it through the network using the ZeroConf/Apple Bonjour protocol to the Pure Analyzer stand-alone app that analyzes the audio in real time.

You can insert as many instances of SampleGrabber plug-ins as you need, on the same DAW, different DAWs, and even on different computers, and all of them can connect to the same Pure Analyzer app as long as they they’re all connected to the same network.

The Pure Analyzer app displays a Source list of SampleGrabber instances found on the network as well as the hardware I/O configuration, and with a simple click in the Source list one of the audio sources can be selected as the input source for the analysis.

Network Requirements

The network configuration setup for the Pure Analyzer System is entirely automatic and transparent to the user. The audio transport requires approximately 1.4Mbps for each channel at a sample rate of 44.1kHz, so a properly configured standard Ethernet 100Mbps network should be more than sufficient to handle most cases.

The SampleGrabber plug-in supports multichannel configurations for using with the Multichannel add-on option, and a multichannel 5.1 configuration in 96kHz demands slightly less than 20Mbps.

Obviously these requirements do not apply when using both SampleGrabber and Pure Analyzer on the same hardware.


The Pure Analyzer System is available for Mac OS X, Windows, AVID Venue, with support for up to 16 channels (in Multichannel/Surround configurations and Multi Microphone System Analysis) at up to 384 KHz.

The graphic analysis rendering in Pure Analyzer is using a GPU-efficient 2D/3D graphic engine, based on the OpenGL 2.0 standard, optimizing the audio-to-visual experience utilizing the GPU on the built in graphics card.