Major Scale Harmony: Using the CAGED system For Guitar (LEFT HANDED): Key of C major

Major Scale Harmony: Using the CAGED system For Guitar (LEFT HANDED): Key of C major PDF

Explore and understand how the major scale works, by applying the chords and its inversions to your guitar playing.

Major Scale Harmony was created to teach you the major scale, the chords within it, and the corresponding arpeggios. Expand your knowledge and take your guitar playing to the next level. A comprehensive, in-depth look at the different chord types we get when harmonising the scale.

Learn the scale but more importantly understand where this scale can be used. We use the CAGED system, so you can apply this to the whole neck, giving you the complete range of the guitar to use.

  • 175 chord shapes and 175 corresponding arpeggio shapes
  • Every shape in the book working with the C major scale
  • Clear diagrams with interval names and fret numbers
  • Featuring major, minor, diminished chords as well as 7ths, 9ths, 11th and 13th chords
  • All shapes of the major and major pentatonic scales with a detailed explanation of the notes within them
  • Easy to read and quick to find each chord
  • All chord formulas detailed in an easy to understand layout
  • A quality printed book that can fit inside your gig bag

A book for all levels:

  • Are you playing the same chords all the time?
  • Do you not understand what you’re playing?
  • Has your guitar playing hit a wall?
  • Do you understand when to use the major scale?
  • Do you know what notes are best to land on?
  • Is guitar playing your passion?
  • If you answered yes to the questions above then this is the book for you! This book is perfect for accompanying you when mastering the major scale and will give you information that can be returned to at any time and used for inspiration. Make sure you study the scale and internalise as much as you can, as having this knowledge creates a strong foundation for musicianship

Perfect for inspiring you to write and perform
This book is perfect for a songwriter looking for new chords and sounds to inspire them to write more songs. The book is designed so that all chords work well together and the layout is created so you can find the closest chord to the one you’re playing.

Also if you are a guitarist in a band and need a second way of playing a chord progression to give you different harmonies and parts, then this book can make this happen! Have fun with it and remember to keep trying out new chord shapes and ideas.

Left or right-handed?
Our book has been released for both right and left-handed guitarists, simply search on Amazon now!

Available for Bass Guitar
A bass version of this book is available, featuring all chord shapes and arpeggios. Search now on Amazon.

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