Wits & Interpretation: Keyboard Thoughts

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In what ways can analytic reection be of avail when engaging in music as a musician? What restrictions of the interpreter’s freedom do musical scores impose? Which licences do musicians in fact allow themselves?

Can hierarchical tonal analysis really guide musicians towards artistically rewarding interpretations? Or is perhaps a painstaking and sensitive study of the musical details, revealing continuous processes, a more productive path to telling performances? roughout the book, the views and discussions are amplied by music examples.

About the Author
Bengt Edlund, trained as a pianist, has been active as a music critic, and as a lecturer at the Department of Musicology, University of Lund, where he was appointed a professor in 2000. His main elds of interest are music theory and analysis, music cognition and aestethics, and musical interpretation.

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  • ISBN: 9783631889688
  • ISBN-10: 3631889682
  • Publisher: Peter Lang D
  • Publication Date: January 31st, 2023
  • Pages: 464
  • Language: English

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