The Music Producer's Creative Guide to Ableton Live 11: Level up your music recording, arranging, editing & mixing skills & workflow techniques PDF

The Music Producer’s Creative Guide to Ableton Live 11: Level up your music recording, arranging, editing & mixing skills & workflow techniques PDF

Expert guidance on enhancing your live music production skills with MIDI, audio sequencing and arrangement techniques, automation, modulation, MPE, and external instruments from an Ableton Certified Trainer

Key Features

  • Make the most of Ableton Live 11 tools and processes to create, record and edit your own music
  • Engage with non-linear workflow for both music production and live performance
  • Unveil the best solutions to common pitfalls and mistakes committed by Ableton Live users
  • Purchase of the print or Kindle book includes a free PDF eBook

Book Description

The Music Producer’s Guide to Ableton Live will help you sharpen your production skills and gain a deeper understanding of the Live workflow. If you are a music maker working with other digital audios workstations (DAWs) or experienced in Ableton Live, perhaps earlier versions, you’ll be able to put your newfound knowledge to use right away with this book.

You’ll start with some basic features and workflows that are more suitable for producers from another DAW looking to transfer their skills to Ableton Live 11.2. As you explore the Live concept, you’ll learn to create expressive music using Groove and MIDI effects and demystify Live 11’s new workflow improvements, such as Note Chance and Velocity Randomization. The book then introduces the Scale Mode, MIDI Transform tools, and other key features that can make composition and coming up with melodic elements easier than ever before. It will also guide you in implementing Live 11’s new and updated effects into your current workflow.

By the end of this Ableton Live book, you’ll be able to implement advanced production and workflow techniques and amplify live performance capabilities with what the Live 11 workflow has to offer.

What you will learn

  • Understand the concept of Live, the workflow of recording and editing audio and MIDI, and warping
  • Use Groove, MIDI effects, and Live 11’s new workflow enhancements to create innovative music
  • Use audio to MIDI conversion tools to translate and generate ideas quickly
  • Employ Live’s automation and modulation capabilities and project organization techniques to speed up your workflow
  • Utilize MIDI Polyphonic Expression to create evolving sounds and textures
  • Adopt advanced techniques for production and discover the capabilities of live performance

Who this book is for

If you are a music producer, enthusiast, or hobbyist with a basic understanding of using Ableton Live for simple projects, this Ableton Live 11 book will help you improve your skills to employ the best features and techniques in your projects. This book is also for producers familiar with other DAWs looking to leverage their transferable skills to learn Ableton Live.

Table of Contents

  1. Taking a Quick Tour of Ableton Live 11
  2. Recording Audio in Ableton Live 11
  3. Editing Audio and Warping
  4. Exploring MIDI Sequencing Techniques
  5. MIDI Editing and MIDI Effects
  6. Comping and Track Linking
  7. Discovering Some of Live 11’s Creative Audio Effects
  8. Exploring Device Racks in Live 11
  9. Audio to MIDI Conversion, Slicing to MIDI, and the Simpler Device
  10. Utilizing Arrangement and Organization Techniques in our Ableton Live Project
  11. Implementing Automation and Modulation
  12. Getting Started with MPE in Ableton Live 11
  13. Exploring Tempo Follower, Follow Action and Max For Live, Working with Video, and Ableton Note
  14. Exploring MIDI Mapping, External Instruments, and MIDI CCs
  15. Playing Live
  16. Interesting Mixing Techniques in Live 11
  17. Troubleshooting and File Management

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