Music Education Research: An Introduction

Music Education Research: An Introduction PDF

Designed to be used as a primary text in introductory research methods courses, Music Education Research: An Introduction aims to orient even the most novice researchers toward basic concepts and methodologies. Offering sustained attention to historical, philosophical, qualitative, quantitative, and action research approaches, the book includes overviews of how to read, interpret, design, and implement research within each framework.

Readers will also find advice for conducting a review of research literature, scholarly writing, and disseminating research. All in all, the book serves as an invitation to consider how conducting research can serve to satisfy curiosities while also contributing to our collective professional knowledge. Drawing from classroom-tested material and the authors’ many collective years of experience as instructors of research method courses and mentors to music education graduate students, this book is a must-have resource for masters and doctoral students in search of a thorough and approachable overview of music education research.

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