Music Production Biz Tips & Tricks 3.0 PDF

Music Production Biz Tips & Tricks 3.0 PDF

A collection of music production tips and tricks for beginners, intermediate, and advanced producers (production, theory, mixing, mastering, bass, vocals, drums …).

Learn anywhere, anytime

Whenever you feel free, pick up your mobile, tablet, or laptop and start learning (our ebooks work on Windows, Mac, Linux, IOS, and Android).

Our guides are straight to the point. We believe that the most important thing about music is to learn the theoretical aspect fast so that you can focus on practicing and making actual songs.

When working on our products, our primary goal is to make any music production topic comprehensible in no time. In other words, get the main idea and be creative on your own.

The Tools Needed

All the knowledge we provide can be applied to any DAW and music software. Nothing is DAW or plugin-specific.

In addition, you can use the PDF on all types of devices (mobiles, tablets, laptops, desktops), and operating systems (Android, IOS, Mac, Windows, Linux …).

Old School? Learn the traditional way

Even though we provide colorful, great-looking graphics to optimize your eLearning experience, we also take into consideration that some of you guys like to work with papers.

That’s why we offer a white version – available in your downloads – so that you can print your own physical copy.

A physical copy is always fun! You can keep it in your studio and add additional notes based on your own experience with each trick.

What’s Included?

An ebook for everyone (beginners, intermediate, advanced producers/engineers).

  • Producer Guide
  • Music Theory
  • Production Tips & Tricks
  • Bass Tips & Tricks
  • Vocals Tips & Tricks
  • Drums Tips & Tricks
  • Mixing Concepts
  • Mixing Tips & Tricks
  • Mastering Tips & Tricks