Puremagnetik Partikl

Puremagnetik Partikl [WIN & MacOS]

Partikl is a powerful granular delay and temporal shifting device that can process your audio into unexpected musical forms.

At the heart of the Partikl engine is a granular processor that can chop, pitch shift, time stretch and reorganize incoming audio. A set of LFO and RANDOM functions allow you animate the granular engine while a variable delay line adds space and subtle nuances to the effect.

Partikl Controls
CHOP/RATE – Adjusts grain size and modulation rate for RANDOM & LFO
PITCH – Spectral pitch shifting in common intervals +/- 24 semitones
DENSITY – Grain cloud density
LENGTH – Amount of audio (from start time) in the granular buffer
CHANCE – Probability of reverse grain playback
LFO – Triangle modulation of LENGTH
TIME – Delay time
FEEDBACK – Delay feedback
RANDOM – Sample and Hold amount for BLEND (speed controlled by CHOP/RATE)

Partikl Features:

  •  Granular processor
  •  Loopback buffer
  •  Spectral pitch shifter
  •  Variable delay line
  •  Wet and dry mix controls
  •  Waveform display
  •  A collection of factory presets

VST2, VST3, Audio Units
Native M1 compatible

Minimum Requirements
– OSX 10.8 or Windows 10 x64
– Audio Units or VST compatible audio host

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