Rocket Powered Sound Thickify

Rocket Powered Sound Thickify 2.0 [WIN]

The Ultimate Plugin For Fatter Sounds.
Instantly make your basses, drums, 808s, and instruments sound fatter and hit harder.
Add more depth and fullness to your mix to make your songs sound more professional overall.
Give your music that hardcore & aggressive sound that makes your listeners heads bang.
Quit using so many confusing plugins in your rack and save time + CPU in your workflow.

Advanced saturation, in a simple package.
Make your music more aggressive, fast.


Thickness Knob: Twist the main ‘Thickness’ knob to activate Thickify’s powerful saturation algorithm, which uses a unique series of slight distortions and harmonics to make your music sound more fat and full.

Stress Knob: The ‘Stress’ knob makes your sounds more aggressive by increasing the input gain before certain internal distortions are applied. This feature works great for making your basses, drums, 808s, etc. sound more “full”, without sacrificing the dynamics.

Auto-Gain: When activated, the ‘Auto-gain’ button will equalize the output level to match the input level. You can also manually adjust the output level with ‘Level’ slider, or bypass the plugin entirely with the “Bypass” button.

Oversampling: Maintain an exceptionally high-quality sound with 2x and 4x oversampling options.

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