Sonible SmartLimit v1.1.3 [WIN & MacOS]

By | December 27, 2022

Sonible SmartLimit

Sonible SmartLimit v1.1.3 [WIN & MacOS]

Smart Limit is all about worry-free limiting: Its intelligent processing will preserve the detail of your track and provide a transparent, uncompromised limiting quality. With smart:limit’s extensive loudness and dynamics monitoring, you won’t have to use any additional metering plug-ins. Besides providing you with all the necessary loudness information in real-time for confident publishing, smart:limit guides you towards hitting the safe zone requirements of streaming platforms or loudness standards – and gives you feedback via interactive Quality Check hints.

Key Features:

  •  Automatic limiter parametrization in seconds
  •  Extensive loudness monitoring with all relevant information for publishing
  •  Visually guided loudness and dynamics targeting for streaming services, loudness standards, genres and reference tracks
  •  4 sound-shaping tools for fine-tuning and styling
  •  Instant Impact Prediction for a smooth workflow
  •  Quality check for confident settings adjustment

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