Sonic Academy How To Make Future Bass with Echo Sound Works
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‘How To Make Future Bass’ with Echo Sound Works is, we think, a next level course here on Sonic Academy. This massively in-depth course takes you through every production process you need to produce a truly world class track like Flume, Slumberjack and Cashmere Cat.

With a slightly different approach, we first look at the songwriting process, watch as Echo Sound Works creates firstly the basic chord structure then a ‘scratch track’ for our singer ‘Luna Blake’ to write to. Next, we head into the studio and both ESW and Luna discuss recording vocals and we have a great video with her vocals actually being tracked, so you actually get to see how the pro’s record. We then head back to the production stage, where we add in additional synths, arrange the drop and get the track production ready. Every detail covered and everything revealed. This is the big one, Future Bass…nailed.


Part 1   Part 2   Part 3

Demo Video: