The Analogue Approach to Digital Recording & Mixing

The Analogue Approach to Digital Recording & Mixing PDF

Analogue recordings sound better, don’t they? But it was never all about tape recorders, valves or vinyl. It is a way of working – and a way of thinking. Digital recording encourages you to click on a plugin to solve a problem or look for a new idea; with analogue, you make decisions and find creative solutions using your own imagination and inventiveness.

Recording needn’t be complicated, even if everything that surrounds it seems to make it so. There are many misconceptions. You definitely do not have to use twelve mics on the drums, EQ and compress every track, or wade through sixty-four alternate takes and repairs when you mix – really! The Analogue Approach to Digital Recording and Mixing is a complete, comprehensive guide to the entire process of recording, from setting up your studio to mastering a final mix. It explains how traditional analogue techniques and methods can be adapted to any digital recording system, without the need for any new equipment or software.

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